Nonlinear Evolutionary Problem of Filtration Consolidation With the Non-Classical Conjugation Condition

Olha R. Michuta, Petro M. Martyniuk


Finite-element solutions of the initial-boundary value problem for a nonlinear parabolic equation in an inhomogeneous domain with the conjugation condition of a non-ideal contact were found. The initial boundary value problem is a mathematical model of an important technical problem of filtration consolidation of inhomogeneous soils. Inhomogeneity is considered in terms of the presence of thin inclusions, physicochemical characteristics of which differ from those of the main soil. The problem of longterm consolidation is especially pronounced in soils with low filtration coefficient. Low permeability of the porous medium causes deviation from the linear relationship between the pressure gradient and the filtration rate.Weak formulation of the problem is suggested, and the accuracy of the approximate finite element solution, its existence and uniqueness are substantiated for the case of Darcy’s nonlinear law. A test example and the effect of the nonlinear filtration law for thin inclusion on the dynamics of scattering of excess pressures in the entire area of the problem are considered.

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nonlinear initial-boundary value problem; finite element method; consolidation; threshold gradient; nonlinear filtration law; conjugation condition

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