On Increasing of Resolution of Satellite Images via Their Fusion with Imagery at Higher Resolution

Peter I. Kogut, Olga P. Kupenko, Mykola V. Uvarov


In this paper we propose a new statement of the spatial increasing resolution problem of MODIS-like multi-spectral images via their fusion with Lansat-like imagery at higher resolution. We give a precise definition of the solution to the indicated problem, postulate assumptions that we impose at the initial data, establish existence and uniqueness result, and derive the corresponding necessary optimality conditions. For illustration, we supply the proposed approach by results of numerical simulations with real-life satellite images.

Ключові слова

Satellite data fusion; image interpolation; image processing; variational approach; objective functional with non-standard growth conditions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/142104


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