Variational Approach for the Reconstruction of Damaged Optical Satellite Images Through Their Co-Registration with Synthetic Aperture Radar

Peter I. Kogut, Mykola V. Uvarov


In this paper the problem of reconstruction of damaged multi-band optical
images is studied in the case where we have no information about brightness of such
images in the damage region. Mostly motivated by the crop field monitoring problem,
we propose a new variational approach for exact reconstruction of damaged multi-band
images using results of their co-registration with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images
of the same regions. We discuss the consistency of the proposed problem, give the scheme
for its regularization, derive the corresponding optimality system, and describe in detail
the algorithm for the practical implementation of the reconstruction procedure.

Ключові слова

Image reconstruction problem; synthetic aperture radar image; total variation; image processing; optimality conditions

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