Vasiliy Ye. Belozyorov, Yevhen V. Koshel, Vadym G. Zaytsev


Robust chaos is determined by the absence of periodic windows in bifurcation
diagrams and coexisting attractors with parameter values taken from some regions of the parameter space of a dynamical system. Reliable chaos is an important characteristic of a dynamic system when it comes to its practical application. This property ensures that the chaotic behavior of the system will not deteriorate or be adversely affected by various factors. There are many methods for creating chaotic systems that are generated by adjusting the corresponding system parameters. However, most of the proposed systems are functions of well-known discrete mappings. In view of this, in this paper we consider a continuous system that illustrates some robust chaos properties.

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robust chaos; Boussinesq-Darcy approximation; 3D Lorenz-like non-autonomous chaotic system; bifurcation diagram; multidimensional recurrence quantification analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/141907


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