Vasiliy Ye. Belozyorov, Yevhen M. Kosariev, Mykola M. Pulin, Viktor G. Sychenko, Vadym G. Zaytsev


A new autonomous 4D nonlinear model with two nonlinearities describing
the dynamics of change of voltage and current in the contact railway electric network is offered. This model is a connection of two 2D oscillatory circuits for current and voltage in the contact electric network. In the found system for the defined values of parameters an existence of limit cycles is proved. By introduction of new variables this system can be reduced to 5D system only with one quadratic nonlinearity. The constructed model may be used for the control by voltage stability in a direct current power supply system.

Ключові слова

Time series; polynomial models; chaos; four-dimensional chaotic system; time-delayed embedding; multidimensional recurrence quantification analysis; voltage stabilization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/141902


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